Electrochemical Engine Center

ECEC Overview

Founded in 1997, the mission of Penn State's Electrochemical Engine Center (ECEC) is to conduct fundamental and applied research on fuel cells and advanced batteries for electric propulsion, stationary power generation and portable electronics. The ECEC provides a focal point at Penn State for multidisciplinary research on cutting-edge electrochemical power devices.

Funded by sponsors from both industrial and government sources, the ECEC has collaborating faculty and researchers from academia, national laboratories and vehicle manufacturers. The interdisciplinary nature of the center includes expertise in thermal-fluid transport, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and reacting flows, computational fluid dynamics and experimental design and testing. This multitude of individual talents allows the ECEC to solve a wide variety of problems encompassing several disciplines.

The ECEC is now divided into fuel cell, battery, hybrid-design, MEA fabrication, parallel computing and modeling labs, totaling more than 5,000 square feet of space. In addition, an array of experimental test equipment including Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography, mass spectroscopy, high speed digital imaging, AC-impedance spectroscopy and environmental chamber for cold start studies are available.

The Center is always looking for new opportunities or people with expertise in emerging areas. Please contact us if you are interested in more information.

Click here to view a video of Dr. Chao-Yang Wang talking about current research at the ECEC.

Self-Heating Li-ion Batteries Published in Nature

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Employment Opportunities

July 21, 2014

Post-Doc and Staff Engineer Positions in CFD and Mesh Generation

Dr. Wang's New Book on Batteries

Battery Systems Engineering

Christopher D. Rahn and Chao-Yang Wang

Hardback | 256 pages | February 2013 | ISBN 978-1-1199-7950-0

A complete all-in-one reference on the important interdisciplinary topic of Battery Systems Engineering ... (More)


Directions to ECEC

To Reber Building:
1) From College Avenue, turn right on Burrowes. Reber is the first building on the right, facing Burrowes.

To University Support Building 1 (USB1):
1) From Reber Building, Suite B, follow Burrowes to Curtin to Allen Road, then turn right on Park Avenue toward Beaver Stadium. Turn left on University Drive and follow it to the end. USB1 will be the last building on your left.

2) From S. Atherton, follow University Drive toward campus, continuing all the way to the stadium (on right). At this light, continue straight onto N. University Drive. USB1 is the last building on the left.

3) From N. Atherton (Rt. 322), turn right at the light onto Park Avenue (at the Nittany Lion Inn and Golf Course). At the fourth light, turn left on N. University Drive (you will see the stadium on your right). USB1 is the last building on the left at the end of N. University Drive.

Campus Maps:
Click here to view a full-color campus map. Reber Building is denoted by RBR and can be found in quadrant H3. University Support Building 1 is denoted by US1 and can be found in quadrant A7.

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